Seminars include many of the following topics:

  • Poise
  • Posture
  • Presentation
  • Appearance  - Who’s Your Audience & What Are You Selling?
  • Leadership - Being a Leader in a Follower’s World
  • Traditions – Leaving a Legacy
  • Etiquette – Dining Like a Diplomat  

Particular seminars you can choose from are:

An Assurance of Quality
The mission of The Protocol School of East Texas is to present conventional and time-honored etiquette and protocol programs in the highest professional manner.

Cindi Somerville Rains is the founder and director of The Protocol School of East Texas, the leader in etiquette and protocol services.  She caters to executives who wish to enhance their self-confidence, heighten their communication skills, outshine their competition, and increase their bottom line.

You need to know the rules before you play the game.”  
- William Shakespeare

“Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.”  
- George Washington

Bearing Always Lightness, Lovely, Ethereal Tender

Today's Miss National Beauty Queen

"Morgan did fantastic and had a wonderful time.  When she came out of the interview, I asked her how she did.  She said 'Momma, that was the best interview I ever had.'  Thank you for helping us with that.  She was crowned:  2008 Today's Miss National Beauty Queen."

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Protocol School of East Texas

 Ms. Rains understands that 85% of making the necessary business connection relies on one’s interpersonal skills and savvy, not on one’s knowledge of the business.  With this in mind, she focuses on increasing the businessperson’s awareness of personal conduct and its impact on critical business associations.

The Protocol School of East Texas will help empower you to present yourself with confidence and authority so that you may “Outclass the Competition.”  All seminars are customized according to the specific needs of the businessperson or company.  These seminars are available in half-day, full day, or multi-day formats.Type your paragraph here.

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